Our Philosophy:

We are creating a global Kolektiv of friendly Kinksters, Fetishists, Players, Dommes, Dominants, Submissives, Tops, Bottoms, Hedonists, Swingers, Polyamorists, Explorers etc.

A kinky social network where freedom of expression is encouraged, without fear of censorship, judgement, harrassment or loss of privacy.

Our goal is to build a kolektiv of open minded individuals that want to connect, communicate, create & share intimate experiences safely and privately online, and optionally, in real life.

We strive for a Kink Kolektiv that is open, inclusive, radical, diverse and accepting.

We welcome all genders, all sexualities and all kinks, fetishes, and lifestyles, as long as you remain respectful, safe, sane & consensual. (Please refer to our Kode of Konduct)