Our Model:

The Kink Kolektiv user Experience is Paramount. Our goal is to offer a feature rich, visually pleasing, uncluttered, simple & modern functionality to kinky social media.

No Algorithms. You see everything shared by your friends & your community, or you may hide/unfollow/unfriend who or what you don't want to see.

No Censorship. Unlike Facebook or Instagram, we will not censor your photos, videos or posts! Enjoy more freedom than most other social networks and express yourself fully without fear of having your posts deleted or your account frozen or deleted. We will not delete or censor your posts, photos or videos, except in very extreme specific cases that violate our Kode of Konduct.

We are not bound by the SESTA/FOSTA rules and none of our servers are located in the USA.

Privacy. We will not spy on you! Unlike other social media platforms, our goal is not to sell your data to advertisers or other organizations. We are mainly supported by your subscriptions and as such we exist to serve you. We are working on various privacy features to give you the safest and most private experience we can offer.

Transparency. We want to see you, and we want you to see us. We want a kolektiv you can really be part of. We welcome your feedback and we will share our progress and feature development with you at every stage.

An Optimized User Experience Across All Devices. Desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile: choose your preferred device & web browser and log in to Kink Kolektiv. Mobile App versions are in development.

Membership is FREE. There is no cost to join Kink Kolektiv and there will always be a FREE membership option.

Paid Membership unlocks various features. Get more out of your experience while supporting the growth of Kink Kolektiv by upgrading your membership. Unlock features such as faster messaging, more upload space, more prominant placement (i.e. Featured Members), private video chat, video watch & post, create events & groups, promote to your networks, etc.
Choose a membership level: BASIC (FREE), FEATURED*, PATRON*, PRO*

*These levels are in development. Prices and feature details will be described in the near future.