Kode of Konduct

Kink Kolektiv is a place where all members should feel safe to share their kinks, fetishes, photos, experiences etc without fear of censorship, judgement, harassment or loss of privacy.

In order to keep your experience and the experience of other members in the kolektiv safe, we have some rules and guidelines in place, including a Kode of Konduct:

We will not tolerate any hate speech, harassment, abuse (the non-kinky or consensual type of abuse), threats, stalking etc. Any reports of members not adhering to the Kode of Konduct will be taken seriously with consequences such as warnings, temporary banning or permanent banning from Kink Kolektiv.

We want to make sure your concerns are heard and dealt with in a timely fashion so if you have suggestions on how we can better serve the kolektiv, please contact us.